Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How missing features sell stuff...

Developing software on and for Solaris can be real fun, considering all the tools available. OTOH, one is permanently confronted with the situation that there is a large installation base of Solaris 8 and 9. So people keep asking "Does this run on Solaris 8?".

Well, how could I be able to answer this question without testing or guessing? So what can I do? I don't really want to guess! Should I install Solaris 8 on a separate disk or get another machine? What about the idea installing Solaris 8 in a zone in Solaris 10? Sounds great and convenient, doesn't it? But unfortunately, I got the answer on opensolaris.org that this won't work. Too sad!

To come back to the topic: I just bought another SPARC, because Solaris is _missing_ this feature. What a weird world!

Let's look at this situation once more. Could it be that Sun has already made Solaris too good to be able to sell new machines and get customers to install the new Solaris 10, which is actually free of charge? Looking at the software vendor with the biggest market share, my theory seems to be confirmed. They can easily sell their new products, as people keep hoping that everything gets better in the next release. How sad.

BTW: the same seems to be true for all kinds of products. When did you buy new HIFI equipment? I don't think of MP3 players or something the like, but of real quality! Was it 10 years ago? 20? Today you even have a hard time buying real good quality Stereo amplifiers without tuner and lot's of things most people don't use and which certainly are no good for sound quality.

Now I sit and wait for Christmas - erh - for my Ultra 60 to arrive. Somehow I am happy although I spent money for something that could have been achieved in a more economic way. But what did I buy? An about five year old machine - you wouldn't dare doing this with a PeeCee. Again, probably to good quality...

To Sun: find out what people are willing to pay for at regular intervals and get it sold to them. Lower the quality if needed. It would be too sad if you went bankrupt, because the quality is too good. Think of HP's printers. They were once too good (my father still has an about 8 years old HP5MP).

Just my $0.02...


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